Our BB Electric Fireplace and its Jobs Reference

Over the past years, we had done so many projects locally and overseas. Most of our Job reference was for residential and commercail use, may be some show flats or private Club House that is not convenience to be opened for public to visit.

One of our job reference that can be opened for public to visit is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The 18/F Sky restaurant of The ONE, the all-in-one retail complex. It is rejuvenating the district by linking up the traditional shopping zones along Nathan Road and TST Central that creates the strongest consumer attraction ever, adding a bright spark to Hong Kong's retail landscape.

You are welcome to visit this restaurant and to see our fireplace over there. It is the first curved fireplace with over 6 meters long in Hong Kong as well. Please send us your comment after your visit.

The second Job that you can visit is located at Whampra Garden the Spotlight Recreation Club Restaurant with 2 custom Fireplace. One of them with dimension 2500x500x240mm is located in 4M/F. The other one with 2000x500x240mm is located on the 4th Floor of the restaurant. You are welcome to visit there for enjoy your tea and food over there. S series are including S10, S14, S14W, S20, S86 and S-20 is one of our two meter wide stock item.

The third one is located in Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin call the Club one Chinese restaurant. It is a wonderful restaurant to visit. Detail address is 12 Science Park, West Avenue, Shatin, Hong  Kong Science Park. You are also welcome to visit over there. The dimension of the fireplace is 2500Wx650Hx240Dmm.

The 4th job reference in Hong Kong is in the Penta Hotel Hong Kong  that located in 19 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong. There have two fireplaces installed over there that displayed in the 1/F of the Bar and Restaurant area.

That is different to the one we supplied to Four Season Hotel in Macau in the year of 2012. They looks similar but in different design.

In order to have your own design, you can make use of different kind of Wood Logs, or Charcoal inside the fireplace. You  can also make use of some other materials such as different colour of crystal glass or white stones inside the fireplace for the better result. All of our fireplace can be provided heat or without heat for your own determination.

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Our fireplace in the show flat of The Masterpiece and K11 in Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon

BB Fires is a professional manufacturing all kinds of fireplace, Electronic fireplace, decorative fireplace and Wood Mantel piece in Hong Kong, we offer stock and tailor-made services, our factory is in China. Since we are direct manufacturers and direct exporters, and have more than one plant contribute to the production, we are able to provide the most favorable prices, quality products and first-class service, whether in factories or construction sites we have the most sincere manner, the most high-quality services to meet customers;

Please refer to our website, you must be able to select your preferences by the fireplace and electronic fireplace. If still cannot find your request, please contact us. We will, under a fair and mutually beneficial to cooperate with you, just like the other customers around the world, as in mutually beneficial and win-win situation, In continental Europe, Japan, South Korea and the United States We will to value the price and produce high-quality fireplace. We produce fireplace all have a high reputation, until now are subject to celebrate. Our fireplace series because of style diversification, There are different varieties of stone, Wood species and a variety of specifications, different styles for you to choose, Go to our factory showroom or on our website Product catalog 

BB Hong Kong

A variety of high-quality and long-term supply of Electric Fireplace and Bio fires–We have supplied to many show flat and Club House before, like the above show flat. We mainly supply the E-stove, Fireplace mantle, Fireplace heater, For mantle we supply natural stone fireplaces, including granite fireplace, marble and sandstone fireplaces, Wood Quality Wall Furnace  We export for the main parts of the world to Europe and to United States and other countries. Such as the need to produce your own unique fireplace, please contact us.

Contact; Mr. Peter Ma

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Pentahotel Hong Kong Job reference

The Club house of Sime in Tai Kwok Tsui of SHK Property 

This is one of our Club House job in Hong Kong for the Sun Hung Kai Property Development. The fireplace is a wall mounted electric one. You can also improve the basic aesthetic appeal with a variety of accessories. Popular mantle accessories include candles or candelabra – not to be confused with fireplace candelabra, which are meant to be placed inside of your fireplace and lit during the warmer seasons to provide light and ambience even when you don't need heat.

The mantel itself is a shelf which hangs above the fireplace. Mantels are often made of hardwood or stone and can come as a single piece which must be permanently fixed on the wall or as separate pieces which are easy to install and snap together. These shelves are commonly available in many handcrafted styles and finishes like Antique White, Cherry, Dark Pine and Oak.

Decorative mantel legs are additions to mantel shelves and can be offered in similar hardwood or stone veneers. Custom-made mantel legs can be purchased to fit the exact height requirements of your fireplace and are offered in similar finishes to blend with your mantel shelves to create an ornamented and stylized fireplace presentation.

Contact; Mr. Peter Ma

E-mail : peter@bbfires.com

Another Show flat job reference in Hong Kong for the Nan Fung Group in the Winfield Building of Happy Valley 

We have also supplied the fireplaces to many directors of the Hong Kong listed Property Company for their private use. Older electric fireplaces provided quick heat, but they were not as cost-effective for long-term use due to cheap design and short life. The other major issue with electric fireplaces has traditionally been that they looked “fake” and were generally not a very attractive centerpiece. Modern, advanced electric fireplaces have far more aesthetically appealing views, including fiber optic displays, or randomized lights designed to simulate the look of dancing flames. However, if “real” flames are important to you, the obviously artificial look of electrical fireplaces may be a deal breaker. 


BB Fires 

Electric fireplaces are an even more convenient alternative to traditional wood-burning or ventless natural gas/propane fireplaces and stoves. Lacking the need for any kind of permanent ventilation structure such as a chimney or a flue, electric fireplaces can be set against fireplace mantels or moved to different rooms and used when needed.

Contact; Mr. Peter Ma

E-mail : peter@bbfires.com

Above job reference that can be opened for public to visit is located in Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin call the Club one Chinese restaurant.

Detail address is 12 Science Park, West Avenue, Shatin, Hong Kong Science Park.

Another one is SHK Century Gateway Sky Club house Fireplace Job reference

No.83 Heung Sze Wui Road Tuen Mun

Most of our Jobs reference were for residential use or private Club House that is not convenience be opened for public.

BB Fires Heaters are a relatively poorly understood piece of home heating technology. Typically massive stone fixtures installed by professional stonemasons, they are referred to variously as “Masonry Stoves”, and “Masonry Heaters, with very little division between the two. The main difference between a masonry heater and other types of stoves or fireplaces is in the way that it distributes the heat. Most fireplaces are able to heat your home only while there is a fire burning inside, which means that if you want to stay warm, you'll have to stay busy feeding the fire with wood, or else you'll have to use a gas fireplace, which takes away some self-sufficiency and in some cases leaves you without a heating system in a power outage due to the electrical ignition systems. 

Our factory specializes in custom fireplace projects. Whether you are looking for a custom fireplace for a Hotel, a custom feature wall design or a fine-cut stone or wooden fireplace for your home, we have the capabilities and experience to meet your requirements.

Contact; Mr. Peter Ma

E-mail : peter@bbfires.com

The Woodsville - Clubhouse Electric fireplace

One of our job reference is located in Yuen Long. 419 TTT - The Woodsville - Clubhouse

New World Development.

Electric fireplace and heater 

BB Fires Hong Kong factories located in mainland China, we offer you warmth, ambience, and an inviting focal point in a home. Nature fire provides the perfect atmosphere for social interaction, and watching the dancing flames is a primal and sensual experience which awakens the senses of sight, of sound, of smell, and of touch. With many woodstoves, fire even touches your sense of taste, offering home-baked bread or meals cooked on the stove's hot surface, just inches from the blazing flames. Fireplaces and Wood Stoves offers you information and shopping links covering the full range of products that you may need for your hearth, including fireplace mantels, patio heaters, and gas fireplaces. The site has been designed to help you quickly and easily find the right accessories for your fireplace or wood stove, whether in a home or a cottage.

Create your own stone fireplace. If you have an idea for a design for your stone fireplace then we can bring it to life. Every UMGC stone fireplace surround is individual  made, and modifications are easy to implement on all our stone fireplaces. We ensure that bespoke design stone fireplaces are uniquely for you, designs of our stone fireplaces shown on this page are samples of what may be made but are not mass production pieces. Your stone fireplace is one of the most important forcal points in any living space and sometimes clients like to compare and contrast finishes and materials. we will be happy to discuss mixing and matching of suitable materials of all our stone fireplaces.

All of our Electric fireplace had passed the CEETLLCETL we have different kind of fireplace for your choice including the stone and wood fireplaces. Please visit our product catalog of  Fireplace and Heaters or you are welcome to visit our factory.

BB Fires Indoor fireplaces have wide selection of options available, including masonry heaters and traditional masonry fireplaces, Bio ethanol and propane fireplaces, and free standing “fireplace substitute” wood stoves. These “fireplace substitutes”, complete with large transparent glass viewing area, are an increasingly attractive alternative to the more labor intensive fireplace installation within a wall.

For many homeowners, a freestanding fireplace or “fireplace substitute” made of stone, castiron, or plate steel offers the same ambience as a traditional fireplace while making minimal demands as far as construction, requiring only a chimney, heat-resistant floor material, and adequate clearances to any nearby combustible materials. All of fireplaces including electrical one can produce heat. Our factory specializes in custom fireplace projects. Whether you are looking for a custom fireplace for a five stars Hotel, a custom feature wall design or a fine cut stone or wooden fireplace for your private home, we have the capabilities and experience to meet your requirements. All of our Electric fireplace had met and passed the CEETLLCETL approval. We also provide electric fireplace with single sided, electric fireplace with double sided, electric fireplace with triple sided and 360 degree.

We provide electric fireplace with single sided,  electric fireplace with double sided, electric fireplace with triple sided and also 360 degree.

Contact; Mr. Peter Ma

E-mail : peter@bbfires.com