BB Intelligent Outdoor Bio ethanol fireplace

We have different dimension

 BB-260  width: 26cm  height: 13cm   depth: 10 cm




BB600 width: 60 cm  height: 12 cm   depth: 22 cm



BB1000   width: 100 cm  height: 11cm   depth: 22 cm


BB17001700W * 220D * 190Hmm),

BB2500 etc.

For more information please contact us.

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Hong Kong Tel: 852-69318059

China contact telephone: 86-13714791523

Peter Ma


Most of our Jobs references in Hong Kong were for residential use, Stars Hotel or private Club House that is not convenience be opened for public.

One of our job reference located in Mainland China, Macau, in Hong Kong you can go to the 4/F of Land Mark Central. The L'ATELIER/LE JARDIN je joel Robuchon, inside it you can see one of our BB1700 over there. You are welcome to visit and see our intelligent Bio Ethanol fireplaces over there.

It is also a show flat for The Park Signature, Yuen Long. We fabricated and installed three different model of ten set of intelligent fireplace over there

You are welcome to visit it and see our fireplace over there. It is one of the intelligent fireplace that you can visit in Hong Kong now.

For more information please contact us.

E-mail :

Hong Kong Tel: 852-69318059

China contact telephone: 86-13714791523

Peter Ma