BB Custom made Fireplaces in

 The Parisian Macau-Resort-Hotel

Casino VIP Room at the Ground floor and 3rd floor totally 6 sets of BB 3 dimension electric fireplaces over there.

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Hong Kong Tel: 852-69318059

China contact telephone: 86-13714791523

Peter Ma


3D fireplaces in VIP Rooms & Cigar Room of Hotel Morpheus in Macau

BB 3D Water Vapour Electric Fireplace O & M

1. The wood log or the stone put on the surface of the fireplace.  Approx. height of the wood log is 150-200mm;

2. The power supply is 250V  10A  flame power 210W

3. The water capacity is 1.5 liter or more depends on the size of the fireplace.

4. It needs air to come into the fireplace to produce flame with smoke that comes out from the wood or stone like burning.

5. Do not move the fireplace after fill of distilled water otherwise the fireplace will be broken shortly.

6. BB 3D three dimension fireplace needs distilled water, not tap or dirty water. Do not put too much of water into the fireplace. 


3D fireplaces in VIP Rooms & Cigar Room of Hotel Morpheus in Macau

How to install

1) Put the 3D fireplace in the place that will be installed.

2) 1.5 liter of distilled water can be used for 10 hours depends on the fire size of fireplace.

3) Turn on the power, about 3 minutes the flame with smoke will come out automatically.

We recommend the 3D water vapour fireplace to close over 10 hours.

If the fireplace running out of water, only light without smoke or fire. You have to close it for half an hour to cool it down and refill it with distilled water.

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