Intelligent Bio Burners

Intelligent Bio Burners

Model No.︰BB380

Brand Name︰BB

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

BB Intelligent Bio fire fireplace

Remote controlled ethanol burner with electronic ignition

BB Alcohol fireplace is the simplest way of heating and can create a warm atmosphere, you can enjoy the warmth of the fire was able to avoid smoke

Malfunction and damage caused by deterioration of 95% alcohol.

Bio ethanol burners

We have different size of Intelligent Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

BB260  Width: 26cm  Height: 13cm   Depth: 10 cm

BB-280 (300W×300D×130H mm),BB280-4L,  BB280-6L

BB-380 (400mm×220mm×110mm)

BB-500 (500mm×193mm×190mm)

BB600   Width: 60 cm  Height: 12 cm   Depth: 22 cm


BB-900 (908mm×193mm×133mm)

BB1000   Width: 100 cm  Height: 11cm   Depth: 22 cm


BB17001700W*220D*190H mm)

BB2500 etc

A New Generation of & Electronic& Ethanol...

Warranty period is one year

When the machine does not work normally due to malfunctions, our company will provide free maintenance. However, malfunctions caused by using unspecific fuel and incorrect usage, the bumping, deformation, color fading, are not included in the warranty range.

-Manufactured in accordance with standard NF D35-386 (France), CE and UL Standard

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