Stock Manual Bio Ethanol fireplace

Stock Manual Bio Ethanol fireplace

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Stock Manual Bio Ethanol fireplace

Please see the attached photos of our exported items for stock, Most of them are our popular items for export use and we fabricate a few set more for stock only. Therefore we cannot guarantee the stock situation all the time. It happened we have stock in the morning but out of stock in the afternoon. In case we are out of stock that you may wait for one or two month for stock of that item. But again it can not be guaranteed

Most of our Stock Manual Bio Ethanol fireplace were for residential use or private Club House that is not convenience be opened for public. Since this kind of stock items cannot be fabricated for a single piece, you have to watch for the export stock only.

Step 2: Use a long match or a long-end lighter to ignite. When igniting, keep a safe distance at arm’s length. 


Fuel will burn low at first. Please allow 10-15 minutes to reach the optimum temperature and flame height.

Opening or closing the sliding cover on the burner can adjust the flame.

Avoid drafts for long burning time.

Always maintain a safe distance of at least 1 meter (40 inches) from the fireplace when the flame is lit.


CAUTION: Never extinguish the flame with water!

  1. Let the fuel burn out completely if possible. This prevents alcohol left in the burner and deflagration when reigniting.
  2. If you wish to extinguish the fire before the fuel has completely burned out. Please use the control tool to fully close the sliding cover of the burner in a fast motion, completely extinguish the flame.
  3. In case the flame is not extinguished immediately. Repeat the above instructions until the flame is fully extinguished.
  4. Do not touch the fireplace while burning. Please allow at least 15 minutes to cool down before touching the fireplace after flame is extinguished.
  5. It is urgently recommended that you keep a Class B fire extinguisher at hand close to the device in case of fire.

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