Outdoor bio ethenol fire Bowl

Outdoor bio ethenol fire Bowl

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BB real fire stainless steel fireplace series 

Indoor bioethanol fireplaces

There are two types of ethanol industrially produced: synthetic ethanol and fermentation ethanol. Fermentation ethanol (or bioethanol) can be produced from biomass materials containing sugars, starches or cellulose (starch and cellulose are more complex forms of sugar). All these production processes require a fermentation step to convert the sugar into ethanol, as well as a more or less advanced distillation step to separate the alcohol from the water.

This inspiring stainless steel curved bio fireplace is a modern design piece of furniture, which will add both simplicity and style to a contemporary arranged interior. This wall hanging fireplace has a 1L bio container, which will burn up to 4 hours.

We fabricate alcohol fireplace; glass fireplace; gel fireplace; ss fireplace; bioethanol fireplace; eco-fireplace ; ethanol fireplace; decorative fireplace; artistic fireplace; stone fireplace;

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