Solar Control Film Office project at Tuen Mun

Solar Control Film Office project at Tuen Mun

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Solar Control Film Office project at Tuen Mun

BB provide professionally installation of Window Film 

We have qualified film handlers to properly install your window film of choice. Window film is normally installed on the interior side of the window. However, exterior window films are available if an interior application would be too difficult. The film is adhered directly to the glass by activating a water-based adhesive. There is no odor, or chemicals used. The surroundings are protected during the installation. The film needs thirty days to cure properly. After that time, the glass can be cleaned with most household cleaners and a soft cloth. All window films come with a scratch resistant coating. Proper cleaning of the glass is an essential part of quality film installation. Once the glass is prepared the installer will precisely cut the film to the exact size of each piece of glass. When the release liner is removed from the film, the adhesive side of the film is applied to the inside surface of the glass with the aid of a mounting solution which is then squeegeed out. The film requires a period of time to dry. During this drying process there may be changes in the optical clarity. A hazy appearance may occur which is normal and will go away. Professionally installed films look better longer and are more likely to perform to specifications for their warranted lives, or even longer, than those improperly installed.   Windows with film applied are easily cleaned without damage to their appearance as long as a few common-sense guidelines are followed:

1. Use a soft clean cloth, soft paper towel, or clean synthetic sponge.

2. Use a soft cloth or squeegee for drying the window. 

3. Use any normal glass cleaning solution which contains no abrasive materials. The availability of scratch resistant coatings as a standard feature of quality films has virtually eliminated the need for extra special precautions in cleaning. 

Note: You should wait 30 days to clean the inside surface of your windows after the film is applied to ensure proper bonding. The manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty on all residential applications, and up to twelve years for commercial customers. All material and labor costs are at no charge to you if you have a valid claim. In the event of new or newer windows, the window film manufacturers offer a warranty comparable to that of the window manufacturers good for glass breakage and seal failure. We strongly recommend to have the film professionally installed. Your manufacturer's warranty will likely be voided if one of the authorized dealers, such as Dr. U Window Film, does not perform the installation. Dr. U Window Film will not sell window film to be installed by someone other than their own factory-trained technicians.   

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