Remote controlled ethanol burner with electronic ignition

Remote controlled ethanol burner with electronic ignition

Model No.︰BB-280-4L

Brand Name︰BB-fire

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

BB intelligent fireplace has the following features :

18 Access protection function: When the machine in the case of the use of open alcohol, add the mouth of the door, the stove will not stop the beep, and stop the injection of alcohol to the burning tank, until the door on the new off 30 seconds to do , the machine will automatically shut down. (User option)

19 Of the Internet features: several furnace core with the use of the data line to each furnace core networking to achieve the purpose of central control; (user option)

20 Networked smart home system networking capabilities: through data lines, stoves and home intelligent system to reach the central control monitoring, remote control monitoring purposes. (User option)

21 Remote control functions: BB Smart alcohol fireplace core, you can link or insert the with the telephone line to the remote control. Its operation is very simple and convenient, users only need to dial or send SMS to the fireplace control switch, shift, and query the stove state operation. The user's home before pre-open fireplace, the home can enjoy the instant after BB fireplace bring comfort and warm, or go out after the discovery forget to turn off the fireplace, you can distant turn off this feature. (User option)

22 Android : BB Smart alcohol fireplace core by using our dedicated Android mobile phone application software on the fireplace switch and shift operations. (User option)

23 360 ° flip drip alcohol: BB fireplace unique alcohol storage tank designed to allow the fireplace core will not drip out of alcohol, to prevent a fire, even if any critical situations can also maximize the protection of The user's security. (User option)

24 external LCD LCD screen : The user can choose to install the external LCDexternal display and buttons control box, embedded in the fireplace near the wall above, rigged on a more secure, more luxurious appearance. (User option)

25 Super-stable product quality: the core part of the stoves are used to foreign top brands imported parts, the failure rate is almost zero.

26 superior after-sales service: Buy the products of the Division, are to enjoy the free one-year warranty, product problems such as within a month, or users are not satisfied with the effect of Division I commitments package replaced with new stoves; and Division I will be from time to time send professional after-sales staff to make home visits for maintenance, clean up, the use of training and other value-added services. The user can stay at home to enjoy the most attentive service.

BB smart fireplace ---- on Earth is the safest, most advanced, best fireplace!

Remote controlled ethanol burner with electronic ignition

The most design and secure ethanol burner in the current market



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